Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Review: The Fixer Upper

Mary Kay Andrews is back with another hysterical, laugh-out-loud story of a Southern gal doing things her own way and finding love in the process. Andrew's seventh novel, The Fixer Upper, a perfect beach read has just been released in paperback!
The story of Dempsey Jo Killebrew, a down on her luck Washington, D.C. public relations specialist will capture readers' interest from the beginning. When her boss is caught up in a major scandal, and Dempsey's career falls apart, she agrees to take on the project of renovating and "flipping" Birdsong, the neglected family house her father has recently inherited. When Birdsong turns out to be Bird Droppings, Dempsey rolls up her sleeves and begins removing the duct tape holding the place together as she establishes herself as a resident of Guthrie, Georgia. With help from the smooth-talking local realtor, and the cute lawyer/newspaper editor, Dempsey stays one step ahead of the FBI agents investigating her former boss, and turns Birdsong into an aria.
I have enjoyed all of Mary Kay Andrews novels, and this was no exception. Dempsey is a very realistic heroine, trying to do what's right in the face of opposition, and creating a life for herself out of nothing, with little familial support. Although determined, Dempsey is not overly spunky or confident, and has her mess ups and confusions just like all of us. If you haven't tried one of Andrew's fun Southern comedies, I strongly suggest you go out and grab The Fixer Upperfor your vacation!
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Beachbrights said...

I love this review! Thanks for bring it to my attention with Cym's book review link-up party.

This sounds like just the beach read I need! Off to order now...


Laura Hartness said...

Hey fellow Cym Lowell linker! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice one you've got set up here. You've just gained me as a follower!

Have a good week!

Laura Hartness
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Nikola said...

I haven;t read this author before, though now I really want to. How pretty is that cover, anyway? :)

bermudaonion said...

Sounds like a fun book that would be great for the summer!

bookfanmary said...

Hi Elizabeth. This was the book that made me a MKA fan. Seriously, it was the first book of hers that I read. Now I'm enjoying reading my way through her back list. So much fun. Nice review.

Carrie Symes said...

This sounds like a really great book that I would love to read! I'm stopping over from Cym's book review and I am also a new follower!!!

Katy F. said...

I've been so tempted to pick this one up, but I wanted to see some reviews first. Looks like it's going on my wishlist. :)

heathertlc said...

Glad to see you weren't disappointed in this latest addition - thanks for being a part of the tour!