Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vintage Father's Day

From the title, I bet you're not certain if I'm writing about my vintage father or a vintage gift! Vintage Thingies Thursday is falling very close to Father's Day, and I won't be seeing my dad, the famous hoarder, from whom I get most of my VTT treasures. I thought I would share something fun, and taunt my dad at the same time. This week's items DID NOT come from his basement. They came from my friend Paul's basement! He wanted me to give them to my father, but I didn't! HA!
My dad used to collect McDonald's Happy Meal toys. When the toys all started being part of movie promotions he pretty much stopped, unless it's something really special. Remember the Inspector Gadget where all the small toys could be put together to make Inspector Gadget? That was a really good one. Dad prefers the McDonald's-themed toys, such as the McNuggets that come with Halloween costumes that can come off. So this batch of stuff is a gold mine, and I don't think he owns any of these. They are all transformer-type foods, manufactured from 1987-1990.
No trip to McD's is complete without a shake. I'm a big Shamrock Shake fan.
You might like to start your day with an egg McMuffin, which looks a little gray and unappetizing to me. I've never been a Big Mac fan, they always fall apart on me. But, I can still sing the Big Mac jingle!
Many people like to debate which fast food fries are the best. Personally, I'm a Wendy's gal, but there isn't a Wendy's convenient to my home.
Remember the Styrofoam boxes that the big sandwiches used to come in?
McNuggets were introduced when I was in high school.
And you can finish it all off with a cone! If you've never tried it, their hot fudge sundaes are excellent. Very thick, chocolate-y fudge!
I know my mom will bring my father over to the computer so he can see this post. He's probably laughing and complaining that I didn't give him the toys, and thinking about running down to the infamous basement to see if he has any of these. He'll be riled up all day reminiscing about the good toys and telling my mother all about them.
Have a great Father's Day weekend, and be sure to visit all of the other Vintage Thingies Thursday participants that are listed at ColoradoLady!
For those who are too young, or who have forgotten, here's the Big Mac commercial!



Coloradolady said...

Oh, how fun!!! I have MANY of the Halloween mcnugget them! I think this is a cute post, I remember some of these toys, I think my kids had some...and boy, I'd love to visit that basement of your dads!! How fun would that be!! Have a great VTT!

couponboa said...

Cute post... these are the sweet memories, which help us go a long way ahead.


Maureen said...

I don't remember any of these. They are kind of fun....I think I may have been too busy get rid of the toys my kids collected to notice.

Postcardy said...

I love the McDonald's toys and things, but I am not a big fast food eater. I like Mcdonald's dollar menu. I always get the McDouble. The last time I tried to eat a Big Mac, it had so much sauce that I couldn't keep it from sliding apart.

P. said...

Ha, the hubs and I were just talking the other day about "remember when McDonalds had styrofoam boxes?" Neither of us can eat there anymore, but boy did we buy the Happy Meals when our daughter was little. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Roslyn said...

How on earth did you find that ad, it's a hoot. I don't remember those toys but maybe they were before I came to the USA.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

oh Elizabeth.. I remember these toys.. I still have some of them i.e. the burger and the fries.. aren't they remind us the good old McD's time.. and till now I still love McD.. who doesn't?!

Happy VTT & have a great day!

Miri said...

LOL! Love this post! I don't remember those terrific transformer toys but I do love my Big Mac! Seeing the commercial again was a hoot! Loved the hairdos!

Vonlipi said...

Those toys are so fun! I didn't go to McDonald's a lot as a child so I had never seen them.

Thank you for the ride back in time :)

LV said...

Those little toys are so neat. I have not seen some of them. Glad you featured them to day. I bet McDonald's would appreciate your post today as well.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

How fun. I don't remember any of those toys, but my children had plenty when they came along.


Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

What FUN vintage goodies :)


CC said...

Such a sweet fun post.My husband collects all the fast food toys..or he used to when the grandchildren were small. They always insisted on bringing their toys from their meals to their Papa to add to the collection.Such sweet wonderful memories..Happy VTT Elizaberh.., and have a lovely weekend.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Thank you, that was so much fun! I can remember my first Big Mac in 1970.

Happy VTT!

Tara Beaulieu said...

Oh my gosh, those toys are hilarious! I think I just missed out on them- I was too "cool" as a teen to buy a happy meal and my oldest is only 13, so too young to have been around when those toys were given out. Most of the toys today are useless and don't do anything. Just figurines. These are really adorable. Happy VTT!

Ulla said...

I don't remember seeing any of those toys, only the movie related ones. Some of your toys are quite funny.

La Bella Vie said...

OK I love these finds! I would have loved that french fry toy, its adorable! And Ok so I'm as old as the hills and do remember that jingle:)
I'm now following you and would like to extend the invitation to become a FOLLOWER on my blog as well.
Hope to see you tere,

Anna Matthews said...

That is quite a collection. I don't remember any of these. I think we collected some glasses for a while in the 70's? Fun post!

Lisa said...

I love the vintage toys.