Friday, May 14, 2010

Sandi's Birthday Bash!

Sandi the T-Shirt Lady, one of my EtsyBlogger colleagues is having a month-long Birthday Bash celebrating her birthday! She's offering 50% off EVERYTHING at Handmade By Sandi, AND every purchase gives you two entries into a raffle for $25.00 gift certificate! This is an extremely generous offer! Could Sandi have gotten to an age where she's lost her marbles?Sandi is an amazingly talented woman, who offers a huge variety of knit and sewn items, as well as jewelry.
I definitely could use one of her coffee cozies. The people at the Dunkin' window keep forgetting to give me the cardboard one!
Here's Sandi herself, modeling a great summer apron made with seashell fabric. Maybe I should do some modeling of my own merchandise, instead of using other people...
 Handmade by Sandi is the first shop I've seen selling these great sleeves for cold drinks. Not only does a little bit of insulation keep your drink cold, they go under the can or water bottle to help avoid condensation rings!
She even crochets earrings! I've never seen anything like it!
As you can see, Sandi truly is a versatile crafter! As a cancer survivor she also has some survivor jewelry, and lots of great hats and scarves, perfect for those with hair or without! I wish I'd know about Handmade by Sandi back when I was Baldie McBalderson! You can get to know Sandi better and see some of her talents that I haven't mentioned (like felted bowls!) at her fabulous blog, The T-Shirt Lady, where she has tutorials and features many other crafters. There's also a link to her online store Sandi's T's featuring snip-snip technique t-shirts, home decor, and gorgeous purses and bags! When you visit to check out the great Birthday Bash deals, be sure to leave her a comment and tell her Elizabeth the Evil Overlord sent you!
OOH! I forgot to remind you about my Blue Mondays in May special at Little Somethings; anything with blue on it is 10% off and free shipping. I hope you'll stop in!



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