Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Boyfriend's Back

Several months ago I wrote about my sadness that the NBC television show Friday Night Lights had ended their season. I don't understand or like football, but I love this story of a small-town Texas coach and his family. Kyle Chandler, the actor who plays Coach Taylor, has been a favorite of mine since he was in the WW II TV drama Homefront in the 1980s, and the fun Early Edition in the 1990s.
In September, while cutting all of their 10:00 PM dramas, the executives at NBC had to do a lot of scrambling, and they made a deal with Dish Network to have the first airings of Friday Night Lights. So if you didn't have Dish Network you couldn't see the show until Spring, once the entire series had run. Last Friday was the first airing for the rest of us, the Comcast, Cox, Verizon or other cable provider customers.
Although the wait was long, it's still the same characters dealing with new issues in Dillon, TX. Coach Taylor has been moved from his championship high school to a run-down mess of a school that is being re-opened after the re-districting of the town. His wife has become principal of West Dillon High, and feels conflicted about which school's game to attend on Fridays, as well as being in the middle of all the politics and bad feelings that any school re-districting brings about. They have a daughter in high school who is caught in the conflict, and a baby daughter also, so their family life is very hectic.
Some of Coach Taylor's players have graduated and gone on to college, while others have stayed in town to help with family problems. He has almost an entirely new team, but a couple of characters will be key, and it's a nice storyline to see Coach getting to know them.
I don't understand how a re-districting could be arranged so that all of the championship Panther team stayed together with the exception of one, and that everyone on the newly-created Lions could have never played organized football before, but it makes for a good underdog story, and will show how great Coach Taylor is as he brings them along.
I enjoy the fact that we now have fresh TV shows year round, thanks to cable channels like FX, TNT and USA having shaken things up with all the series they're producing, but it definitely seems silly to be watching a show about football as we begin baseball season, don'tcha think?
If you missed the first episode on May 7 and you can't get it On Demand, NBC has a recap on their Friday Night Lights page. If you've never seen the show, check it out. It's something you can watch with the whole family. Just remember that cute Coach Taylor is mine!


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Bossy Betty said...

I have never seen the show but I did read the original book and loved it!