Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to Save Your Own Life

Self-help books are not my usual cup of tea, but when Lisa from Books on the Brain recommended How to Save Your Own Life: 15 Lessons on Finding Hope in Unexpected Placesby Michael Gates Gill and told me it was a fast read, I decided that with a new year I'd give the genre another try, and I'm definitely glad I did.  How to Save Your Own Lifehas fifteen chapters, each beginning with a command: Love, Learn, Let Go, Laugh, followed by a description such as Let Go...of your watch, PDA, and iPod.  Like most self-help books, there's a lot of common sense with few brand-new ideas, but reading a book like this at the beginning of the year sparks a desire to simplify life and enjoy the blessings one already has rather than setting New Year's goals to do more, get more, and be more.  How to Save Your Own Life is a quick read, a small book you can keep in your briefcase or desk and pull out to re-read a chapter, almost like a book of daily meditations.   Yes, How to Save Your Own Life is a great gift for that person you know who is always too busy, but it's really something most American should sit down, read, and think about over a cup of coffee [or tea!].
In his first book,How Starbucks Saved My Life, Mr. Gill shares his experience as a man from a family of financial and social privilege who was devastated to be fired from his high-paying executive position at the age of 63. Lost and wandering through life without feeling a real purpose, a job was offered to him one day when he went for his morning coffee, and he found himself saying, "Yes."  The simple life he was living, and the people around him inspired the first book, and now he has taken lessons learned during his book tour to share with us in this inspiring little book full of super simple ideas. Below is a video of Michael Gates Gill talking about How to Save Your Own Life.
To read reviews from other bloggers and learn more about Michael Gates Gill, visit TLC Book Tours for a complete list of all the stops on the blog tour for How to Save Your Own Life.
FTC Disclosure: As Part of TLC Book Tours, I received an advance copy of How to Save Your Own Life from Gotham books to review. I received no other compensation for this review.
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Hi Elizabeth! Great review! I'm so pleased you enjoyed the book. Thanks so much for the time you put into reading and reviewing How to Save Your Own Life for the tour. It is greatly appreciated.

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