Saturday, January 31, 2009

Marie? Is it she?

Sorry! It's not Marie Antoinette, but it IS a lady from Marie's era! For PINK SATURDAY this week I am showing off this china box that sits on my mom's dresser. She keeps safety pins, loose buttons and such in it. It has no markings to tell who or where it was made, and no one is sure of how old it is, but my mother and aunt both remember it being on my grandmother's dresser when they were children, so it's definitely pre-WWII.Here's an interestingly gross fact: The white makeup that Marie and others of her era used on their faces often contained quinine or lead in small quantities. Those that over-mixed or over-used their cosmetics sometimes died from their skin absorbing the poison. Now here's the gross part...Many people got deep pits on their skin from the lead and quinine, which they covered up with the false beauty spots that then became so popular! A fake mole was more attractive than a pit! Think about that the next time you consider putting on a beauty patch.
Go and enjoy the pink offerings from Beverly and the other Pink Saturday participants. I'm sure no one else will try to gross you out!

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Sending the Love

I've done quite a lot of crafting since Christmas, and I got several things done for Valentine's Day. I already shared my LOVE garland, which I sent out for a swap, as well as the Puppy Love tags for the tag book swap.Today I have finished making Valentine cards that I will be sending out to friends and family..In keeping with my theme at Christmas, I didn't go buy anything new, I used what I already had, so some are not traditional Valentine colors.
I also used digital images of fintage cards.

I am happy with how they turned out, but some I think are better than others, of course.I made this one specifically for my aunt who is 85. It's difficult to see, but I put pink glitter dots on the ribbon of her bonnet.I've mentioned before that my dad is a train nut, so I was thrilled to find this vintage image to use on his card!For some reason, this one really appeals to me. I love the embossed green paper, and the background paper has a sheen and some little sparkles that pop out. Probably I love it because of the textures. I'm big on texture.
So that's my Finished For Friday offering this week! I wonder what everyone else at Lit & Laundry has finished. Let's go see!
Do you send Valentines? How do you decide who will receive one? Do you make your own?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh, Donna!

Everyone knows that I am an avid reader and always have been. As a child I would get books for a nickel or dime from yard sales. Now of course they are all vintage, but since they were well-loved and read over and over, most of them aren't worth anything.For Vintage Thingies Thursday I have a Donna Parker book by Marcia Martin. It is The Mystery at Arawak, the sixth story from the seven book series. This particular book is from 1962.The binding of the spin is completely coming off, but I am afraid to fix it because of the whole value thing. But if it's falling apart it's not worth anything anyway, I guess! You can see from the title page that Linda Crichton owned the book before I did. I probably got it in the mid-70s.
I liked the Donna Parker stories because she was a regular girl. She's younger than Nancy Drew, so she has to go to school and doesn't drive. She has the 1950s nuclear family of 2 parents and Jimmy, her younger brother. Unlike Nancy Drew, the Dana Girls, Trixie Belden and Robin Kane, her family is not wealthy, nor do they have wealthy friends. Even though Donna was "regular" she got to do things I didn't, like go to a sleep away camp, or visit family across the country.That's where I lived vicariously through her.Check out this guy making the moves on Donna! Maybe I'll use the picture on a valentine!
Did you read any Donna Parker books, or any of the others I mentioned? Which were your favorites?
Now you can go check out all the vintage goodness that Colorado Lady and the other VTT participants are sharing this week. So far I've seen some great kitchen gadgets, adorable brown bears on drinking glasses, and fun decorations for Valentine's Day.
Don't forget my wristlet giveaway ends tomorrow, and the book giveaways end in 2 weeks.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New England Bloggers

I am very excited to announce a new feature on my blog: New England Bloggers! I got this idea from Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer, who hosts Georgia Friends.
There are no obligations or weekly activities. This is just a way to find potential blogging friends who are in our area of the country. I could have just done my own state, Massachusetts, but together the 6 of us are still smaller in size than most other states! I hope we'll have people join with all sorts of varied interests, music, books, finance, movies, saving money, raising children, gardening, crafting, antiqueing, photography, and it will all spin around the axis of our New England lives.
It's really very simple: Any blogger located in New England is welcome to grab the button and put it on your blog as well as pass it on to other blogging friends who are in one of the 6 NE states. Once you have placed the button on your sidebar, leave a comment on this post letting me know and I will add you to the list. The button needs to be directly linked to this post.


Breaking it down:
1) Copy the code above.
2) Create a button on your own sidebar, making sure it links to this specific post.
3) Leave me a comment or email that you have signed up, and in what state you are located.
4) Pass on the idea to bloggy friends who are also in New England.

  1. 3 Little Ones - Jackie in CT
  2. 10 Minutes Each Day in an Unreasonable Manner - Concrete Primrose in NH
  3. A Little Bit of Everything - ALBofE in MA
  4. Adventures in Yarn - Gracey in CT
  5. All Things Brooks - CBB in NH
  6. Always Home and Uncool - Always Home and Uncool in CT
  7. Amaranthian - Amanda in ME 
  8. An Inquiring Mind - C.C. in MA
  9. Any Given Moment - T.J. in VT
  10. Art from the Heart - Catherine in ME
  11. Artmusedogs - Carol in MA
  12. The Backyard Door - Donna in MA
  13. The Balance Beam - Charlene in NH and MA
  14. Basia-Spirit Space - Barbara in MA
  15. Been There, Read That - Kimberly in MA
  16. Behind My Red Door - Linda in MA
  17. Belle Maison - Rebecca in CT
  18. Bibliophile by the Sea - Diane in RI
  19. Blueberry Plains - Debbie in ME
  20. The Book Kitten - Kitten in CT
  21. Boston Bibliophile - Marie in MA
  22. Brattleboro Muse: Paintings on Silk - Linda in MA
  23. The Budge Bunch - Cheryl in CT
  24. Butternut Sage Designs - Donna in MA
  25. C and G Designs - Dawn in ME
  26. Cape Cod Drifter - TLC in MA
  27. Cape Cod Jewels and Things - Linda in MA
  28. Cape Cod Rambling Rose - CCRR in MA
  29. The Cape Cod Woman - Amy in MA
  30. Care's Online Book Club - bkclubcare in MA
  31. Carola Nativity Gallery - Carrie in MA
  32. The Castle Beckons - Kathy in MA
  33. CCBella - Jess
  34. The Chaos Chronicles - Lisa in MA
  35. Caryn Lynn Duncan: Art and the Creative Spirit - Caryn in NH
  36. Chaos Theory - Courtney in NH
  37. Chat with Kathleen - Kathleen in RI
  38. Child in Harmony - Marcia in MA
  39. coff-a-cup - April in ME
  40. Coffee Slut - in MA
  41. Collage Diva - Kathryn in NH
  42. Commuter Daddy - Sean in MA
  43. Confessions of a Serial Swooper - serialswooper in MA
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  58. Fair Winds - Daryl in ME
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Finding My Thing

For the second installment of the Blog Improvement Project, Kim is encouraging us to find a brainstorming technique that works for us when we can't think of a topic on which to write. I have to say, I've never been stuck for a topic yet, but it will probably happen some day. She gave us some articles to get started.
24 Things to do When Stuck for a Topic to Blog About
Brainstorming Techniques for Bloggers
9 Steps to Better Blog Post Ideas
The things I already do to give myself topics are:
participate in memes such as
Blue Monday, Vintage Thingies Thursday, and Best Posts of the Week, as well as a few others that I do from time to time,
plan a posting schedule for the week,
keeping a journal/notebook with me to jot down topic ideas,
begin a post in draft whenever I have an idea,
write posts in advance in case my brain ever does dry up!

Don't let this happen to you!

The second part of the assignment was optional. Actually, the whole thing is optional, but since I don't really need to worry about finding topics, I turned my brain over to ruminating on Part Two: creating a new, regular feature that is unique to my own blog. There are so many great memes, tags, and awards out there, that I didn't want to duplicate or even modify something that already existed. I can write poetry or fiction, the way the fabulous Ma'dame French keeps us enthralled with the Desperate Housewives of Blogge'ville, but that would seem like a chore. I COULD do it, but I wouldn't want to, and one of the points of blogging for me is the entertainment value.

This past week I have visited over 200 blogs that were new to me through the One World, One Heart Giveaway. Besides entering tons of giveaways and getting great artistic/crafty inspiration, I was looking around for inspiration on my own original blog feature. At the Southern Daydreamer, I found my inspiration! Susan hosts a group called Georgia Friends. Now, for whatever reason, I get a big kick out of visiting blogs from my own neck of the woods. I even click on New England in my profile once in a while to find bloggers in my area. So I've decided to start the New England Bloggers. I did some research and could not find another group like this, except for one hosting commercial blogs. I am going to make mine as easy as Susan's.

This is not an award, it is a button showing that the blogger is based in one of the six New England states. Anyone from Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Connecticut is welcome to join by posting the button on their blog and inviting blog friends to join.

Once a blogger has posted the button and linked to the special NE Bloggers page, they will leave a comment on that page so I can add them to the list. That's it! No other obligations! In the future I may think about having the group voluntarily participate in a carnival such as Show off your Hometown, or something, but right now it will just be compiling a list. I've already made my button, and I'm going to start off the group tomorrow.Other participants in the Blog Improvement Project are starting some great things that are open to anyone. Word games, book games, all sorts of things. Go check them out!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Blue Giveaway!

It's BLUE MONDAY and it's also the start of 2 big events...the week of Bloggy Giveaways, and the beginning of Chinese New Year, traditionally a 2-week event.
Chinese New Year is celebrated at the second new moon after the winter solstice and falls between January 21 and February 19 on the Gregorian calendar. 2009 will be the Year of the Ox.
WOW! How to mark all of these things? With a BLUE, Chinese-inspired giveaway, of course! Please note that this giveaway is separate from my One World, One Heart Giveaway that ends February 11.
For your viewing pleasure is this beautiful wristlet with a bamboo ring. The gorgeous Chinese silk is embroidered with many different flowers in greens, golds, and pinks. Inside it is big enough to hold all of your basics: cell phone, money, identification, keys, tissues, Chapstick! To enhance the look on your other wrist is this set of 3 enameled cloisonne bangle bracelets. They are decorated with flowers and are cream, dark blue, and green.
To be entered into the giveaway drawing, just leave a comment on THIS POST ONLY. Be sure there is a way for me to contact you, either through your blog or by leaving your email. This raffle is only open to blog owners, but from anywhere in the world. It closes Friday, January 30 at midnight Eastern U.S. time, and I will announce the winner that weekend. If the winner does not contact me within seven days I will re-do the drawing.
Now, a lot of people are always looking for ways to get their name in the hat more than once. So for the first time I am offering a way you can do just that. There are many options.
  • Add the Evil Overlord to your Blogroll, or become a Follower. This is 1 extra entry EACH. If you are already a Follower, or I'm on your BR, just remind me in your comment.
  • For 2 extra entries EACH, you can rate this blog on Blogged, Blog Catalog, and Blogarama. The buttons to all of these places are on the left sidebar. You don't have to leave a comment about this, I can just check.
  • For 2 extra entries EACH, you can Stumble! this post and add the Evil Overlord to your Technorati favs. You don't have to leave a comment about this, I can just check.

So, that's a possibility of 12 extra entries on top of the easy "leave a comment." And 13 is my lucky number!

I hope you enjoyed my pretty blue prizes and will continue on to stroll through other BLUE MONDAY posts. Be sure to visit all of the BLUE MONDAY participants listed at Smiling Sally, they have some really neat things to show off!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beat the Reaper

I just raced through reading the darkly comic Beat the Reaper from first time author Josh Bazell. From the book jacket and reviews, I thought I would enjoy this crime adventure story, and its intensity had me finishing it in two days.
From the publisher:
Meet Peter Brown, a young Manhattan emergency room doctor with an unusual past that is just about to catch up with him. His morning begins with the quick disarming of a would-be mugger, followed by a steamy elevator encounter with a sexy young pharmaceutical rep, topped off by a visit with a new patient--and from there Peter's day is going to get a whole lot worse and a whole lot weirder. Because that patient knows Peter from his other life, when he had a different name and a very different job. The only reason he's a doctor now is thanks to the Witness Protection Program--and even they can't protect him from the long reach of the New Jersey mob. Now he's got to do whatever it takes to keep his patient alive so he can buy some time...and beat the reaper.
While doing his best to keep his new patient/former work colleague alive "or else," Dr. Peter Brown reflects on his past life as Pietro "Bearclaw" Brnwa, mob hit man. This story moves quickly from medical procedural to wild adventure and back, with Peter using knowledge from his past life to help him on this, one of the most dangerous days of his life. Outrageously exciting, Peter lets us into his past life, moving rapidly from teenage friend of a mob lawyer's son, to a contract killer. Peter is well-rounded, allowing readers to hate the violence of Pietro's actions, but sympathize with how he becomes entangled. Chapters alternate between past and present, and are broken down into short scenes, making this a very rapid read. Many characters are wacky, and to me most are one-sided: crazy, deceptive, short-fused, stupid, angelic. When a different side of the character is shown, he then completely becomes that new personality or stereotype.
I found the use of the "f-bomb" to be excessive throughout the book. Obviously I expect it in dialogue from most of the characters, but it really wasn't needed in the narrative. The sexual situations seemed to be thrown in just to have them, as they were unnecessary to this plot-driven novel.
Something that makes reading Beat the Reaper different from most novels is the use of footnotes, written in Peter's sharply sarcastic voice. I often found myself laughing or going back to re-read lines, making sure I understood the intended meaning. I found the use of the section divider, a silhouette of the grim reaper, to be a nice detail, especially when it changed to the silhouette of a farmer on a tractor, Peter stating that a farmer would be the modern day man with a scythe!
Overall I enjoyed Beat the Reaper and could envision everything as it was described, sneaking into houses, a grossly tumorous knee, shoot-outs, an under-funded city hospital, the long dark walk to the shark tank. . .
Beat the Reaper Official Website - book excerpt, audio, video, and even a game!
An interview with Josh Bazell

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tagging Along

I went with something a little different for this week's PINK SATURDAY, but there's a lot of pinkness involved, so I think y'all will like it. Beverly and the over 100 participants are all showing some great pinkies today, too!
I am very excited to be participating in my first craft swap through a blog! Karla's Cottage is hosting the Puppy Love Tag Swap in honor of Valentine's Day and the birth of her grand-dogs. They are just adorable, you need to go check them out!
The directions were very simple: make 6 tags with the theme of puppy love, and don't decorate the top of the tag near the hole because Karla will be adding a gorgeous cover she is making for everyone. Follow the size requirements, and decorate the back of the tag if you like, but it is not necessary. We will all get back a tag book with 6 different tags and the beautiful cover. Since this is not a secret swap or anything, I am going to show y'all what I made. Remember, I am not in any way a professional paper crafting artist. I just like to play around, so be kind!

The fronts of all my tags have a vintage image with the puppy love theme, either with dogs in the picture, or showing young people puppy love. Some are sweet and some are funny.I made this fringe by cutting a thin piece of rick-rack into little strips and glueing it under the vintage image, then sticking the whole thing down. I also wanted each tag to have some texture, so I layered different types of paper and materials. I didn't worry about puppy love when I was doing the backs. I used them to try out a few different techniques that I was going to use on the Valentine cards I am sending out this year.
I like the amour tag where I layered stickers and then outlined them with the gel pen. I recently found an enormous bag of fabric paints that I didn't know I had, most of which had never been opened. I used some of those to add dimension to the cards with puffy dots, or by painting over small images.
Have fun checking out all the other great PINKS at How Sweet the Sound!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Book's Influences

Two weeks ago I reviewed Rock Bottom by Michael Shilling, the day after that my local paper, The Boston Globe, gave it a very positive review, last weekend I saw that he was a featured blogher advertising post, and then Tuesday I announced that I was giving away the book as part of the One World One Heart event. This guy's everywhere, and now he's here with the Evil Overlord for my first ever guest post. I am very excited to have a truly interesting and literary person share his writing influences with you!
I'm so happy to guest blog for the Evil Overlord, because it is such a pleasure to speak directly to readers, especially those who are not part of, if you'll forgive the marketing term, my book's target audience. In Elizabeth's post on my novel, Rock Bottom, she mentions that she didn't think the book would be her cup of tea, but that it surprisingly was, so I got in touch to see if I could introduce myself to her readers and talk a bit about the books that influenced the creation of
Rock Bottom.
First and foremost on the influence list is William Faulkner's
As I Lay Dying. Now what, you might ask, does a Gothic story of the 1930s deep south have to do with a bunch of LA rock musicians from the present day? In a word, family. In the case of As I Lay Dying, the Bundren family involves themselves in a bizarre quest to bring their ailing mother, Addie Bundren, to her final resting place, physically moving her across the county as she, you guessed it, lays dying. The setup is surreal, but Faulkner uses that surreality to delve into each family member's sense of the role they have played in their family dynamic, the weight they literally carry on their backs and figuratively carry in their hearts. This process of reckoning - moving, strange, and unforgettable - inspired me to not hold back when plumbing the complications of the family that is a rock band. Instead of carting a dead body through the rural southern heat, Blood Orphans are carting a dead dream across snowy Amsterdam.
Another book that shaped the writing of
Rock Bottom was The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen's novel from 2001, which managed to win the National Book Award yet become more known for the infamy/arrogance/flat-out stupidity of the author, when he said "Thanks but no thanks," to Oprah. The Corrections is a book people love to hate, but I kind of hate to love it. The people in the book are so unpleasant, so regrettable, so . . . foul, but Franzen's brilliance is such that he is able to make these people three-dimensional and utterly deserving of our sympathy, while also being extremely funny. I dislike it when authors seem to hate their characters, and have created them just top be mean to them (paging Chuck Pahluniak). Franzen does quite the opposite, taking some of the most limited Homo Sapiens on the planet and imbuing them with a fullness of complexity. Reading The Corrections helped me see how to take the less-than-likable - which everyone in Rock Bottom could be described as - and honor their suffering on the page to provide them with some kind of warped dignity.
Bruce Wagner's
Force Majeure also informed Rock Bottom's creation. This 1991 novel is a satire that concerns a Hollywood screenwriter named Bud Wiggins, on a long and fruitless quest to sell his screenplay. The book is a take on Cervantes Don Quixote, in which our hero stumbles through a series of delusions (or are they?) both heroic and tragic, while others prosper around him. It's a brilliant book about the LA dream machine; much of the back-story in Rock Bottom concerns the band's place in that machine, in all it's sorrow, pity, and heroic loss. I am fascinated by the Hollywood mirage, and Force Majeure was useful in helping me see how to effectively portray those so starved to see their name in lights that their spirits go horribly astray.
I hope you all enjoyed reading about the books that influenced Michael Shilling in his creation of Rock Bottom. I had never heard of these second two, so I'm going to get them from my library. That'll be 2 books to add to each of my reading challenges!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prairie Schooner

Thursdays are full of vintage goodness at Colorado Lady. Click on over to see who is participating in Vintage Thingies Thursday this week! I peeked in and already saw some great buttons, aprons, and Pyrex!My dad made this toy Conestoga wagon in 1947. Here is the signature of the fifteen year old wood shop student himself! If you enlarge the photo below you can see how the wheel spokes are all carved and chiseled out. I remember the wagon just sitting on his workbench in the infamous basement my entire childhood, until he gave it to me a few years ago. One of the wheels had come off, and the bonnet was wearing thin around the wire holding it up. He was always going to fix it, but never did. I just glued the wheel back on and it looks great, although it doesn't turn, which it is supposed to d. The bonnet is made of flour sack material and is starting to decay, but I'd rather it look strangely dilapidated with the original covering than get a new one. I rotate it with other items like my spools as something I display on my entry table.
Enjoy visiting the other VTT gals and seeing their nifty items, too!

Little Giant of Aberdeen County

Back before Christmas, Smiling Sally reviewed The Little Giant of Aberdeen Countyby first time author Tiffany Baker. I commented how the book sounded like something I would enjoy and Sally, being the generous girl that she is, sent it to me. I was right on the money; I loved it, even reading during the daytime, which is something I never do because reading often puts me to sleep.
Truly Plaice is born with a syndrome called acromegaly, in which the pituitary gland produces excess growth hormone. Truly does not discover this until she is an adult, because her widowed father, devastated by his wife's death in childbirth and blaming the doctor, never takes his daughter for medical attention. By the age of 1 1/2 Truly is too large to fit into her 4 year old sister's clothes and is given boys' overalls, work shirts and boots to wear. Gloriously contrasting with Truly is her sister Serena Jane is slim and petite, blond-haired and blue-eyed. She is the beauty of small-town Aberdeen, pet of the reverend's wife, and it is a given that she will be May Queen one day.
Truly knows she is different than Serena Jane and others, but it isn't until she starts school and schoolteacher Priscilla Sparrow refers to her as a "little giant" that she knows just how different. In a small town being different is usually not a good thing, and Truly's inability to conform in other ways does not help. She is neither a good student, an athlete, or a witty conversationalist. Upon the death of their father, the chasm between the sisters becomes larger as their lives are set on different paths, Serena Jane one of privilege and adoration, and Truly the degradation of becoming a local outcast It is not until she is an adult and discovers one of Aberdeen's legendary secrets that Truly finds her calling and acceptance, becoming an herbalist, which allows her to gain control over her own life.
Dreams, fear, love, revenge, admiration, hatred, friendship, family, these are all themes in The Little Giant of Aberdeen County. Almost Gothic, with a villain, unrequited love and family secrets this story is fresh and interesting and the four main characters of Truly, her friends Amelia and Marcus, and their nemesis Robert (Bob Bob) Morgan are well-constructed, whole people with imperfections, strengths, and at one time or another, are sympathetic for the reader. While one might expect the book to make readers feel forlorn, I mostly felt hope and often I laughed while reading. We all know that beauty is only skin deep, and this magical story just brings the message home again.

Full Description from the Publisher