Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dear John: Book & a Movie

Nicholas Sparks published Dear John in 2007, and like many of his books, it has been made into a movie that will be release February 5, 2010. That's just enough time for you to get the book, which has been re-issued, and read it before you see the film. I always prefer to read the book first, it helps understand character motivation and back stories that often are not in the movie. I was lucky to receive a copy of Dear John from Hachette Publishing Group, so I"m all ready to see Channing Tatum [major hottie] and Amanda Seyfried [very pretty, too] in February.

A rebellious teen, John Tyree, joins the Army, but continues his carefree and partying ways. That all changes when he meets Savannah, a sweet girl from North Carolina. Their short acquaintance grows into a deeper love, and Savannah promises to wait for John while he finishes what will be his final tour of duty.  That all changes on September 11, 2001, when John is forced to choose between love and country. When he finally returns, John sees that love changes people in many ways. The story is told from John's point of view, skipping around in time, as we learn of his yearning for a home, and the toll war takes on him. The consequences of both John's and Savannah's choices at various crossroads in their individual lives, have long-impacting effects on the other, some they realize, and others they don't see.
Like all of Nicholas Sparks' novels, Dear John made me think about relationships, and get a little weepy, but I was surprised at the ending. I hope you get the b ook before you see the movie; it's all over the place in paperback and at your local library, too, I bet. Here's the official trailer, definitely check it out, if only for the hot factor of Channing Tatum!



Anonymous said...

I'm picking up the book this week!!! ~Kari

Rostrose said...

Dear Elizabeth,
thanks for stopping by to my Nikolaus-and-Krampus-P.S.-post ;-)! And I also want to thank you for this wonderful book- and movie-inspiration! WOW, sounds great!
Hugs, Traude

Robyn said...

I did a recommendation on this book a couple days ago too! I thought it was awesome. I saw the trailer before New Moon and that made me read the book. I don't read Mr. Sparks too much 'cause he tends to be a bit too much on the sad side for me. But this book was fab!

Debbie said...

Sounds like another winner!

Lyn said...

Hi Elizabeth. Thank you for adding me to the New England Blogger list.

Vanessa said...

Thanks for stopping by! Best! Vanessa

Tripzs said...

Thank you for this great book and movie-inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Hey there People

i want to rent a film but its a blu-ray one....i actually dont have a blu ray player though....can it still work??

Thank you !

Lisa said...

I loved both the book and movie.