Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkeys All Over Town

This is a slightly revised re-post from last autumn. I hope you enjoy it again!
I grew up in the very small town of East Granby, CT, population around 3,500, according to the town web site. According to my mother it's closer to 5,000 people these days, but she's exaggerating, I'm sure. I graduated from high school with 48 people. There are three stoplights in town, and the only chain store of any kind is Dunkin Donuts, which is on the state highway on the way to Bradley Airport, aka Hartford/Springfield Airport. It was a great place to grow up; the schools are excellent and there are all sorts of fields and woods to run around and build forts, etc.
With that brief background, I wanted to share with you some pictures from last summer's 150 Anniversary Celebration of the town. It was really well-organized three day event with a parade, bands, craft fair & art show, traditional town fair games and activities, and fireworks. One of the things many people came to see were the GIANT TURKEYS that I've been saving to post at Thanksgiving time!The wild turkey is the symbol of the town, so following what so many other places have done, the event organizers put together a decorated turkey charity event.My childhood doctor's daughter did the painting for this doctor turkey with the Band-Aid wings and stethoscope. Before people ask, I have no idea who this little girl is. She was just in some pictures I found online about the event.Being right next to the largest airport in the state, there is also an Air Force station and a National Guard post. This turkey was decorated to honor these people.This is the only realistic-looking bird. I'm a little afraid of what that girl is doing back there!Vincent Van Gobble is painted all over with sunflowers and other representations of Van Gogh's works.This one, sponsored by the local auto body shop is one of my personal favorites!
Have you ever been to one of these painted animal events or participated in some way, by decorting or purchasing one?


Charlene said...

I have never seen anything like this in my life. Those are some crazy turkeys! Though... I do like Vincent Van gobble. LOL! Thanks for sharing! ;-)


Gloria said...

This proves that people will decorate anything that stands still for them! These are just too funny and I really enjoyed looking at them...over and over. Thanks for sharing!

Cindy said...

Really great pictures of funny things.

Justine said...

Oh cool! I love all these gigantic turkeys. Vincent VanGobble? heeheehe

Justine :o )

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Elizabeth~ I'm strolling in to catch up and especially to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving!
It's such a wonderful time to stop and reflect on all those we cherish and are truly grateful for.
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to visit and leave feeling inspired!

Even though our Thanksgiving is very small in number, with hubby and son (we don't count the cat cause she doesn't like turkey). We don't scrimp on the menu...from appetizers to desserts with several carb loaded dishes in between! We will be enjoying tryptophan playoffs too!

Sweet Holiday wishes,

Health said...

Those are some crazy turkeys!  I am loving it!!! Thanks for sharing!

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I love the body shop one, too!