Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Doin' the Bird!

I was driving home from the doctor today, listening to one of those mix stations that claim they play everything, and it was like a walk through the 80s for about 5 songs in a row, all of which were and still are favorites of mine.
Remember Morris Day and the Time? Proteges of Prince, they opened for his Purple Rain tour, which I was privileged to see in 1984. When I heard it I was transported back to the Hartford Civic Center, the smell of cigarettes, beer, and sweat, remembering climbing up to our seats, which were pretty good, but I still hate going up and down those steps, and feeling my carefully applied jazzy makeup melting down my face. I still have the big hot pink and turquoise plastic earrings I wore to the show!

The song on the radio was Jungle Love, and my other favorite was The Bird, with that weirdo dance that kind of makes me think of Shake Ya Tailfeather by Murphy Lee, Nelly, and P. Diddy. Here's a little clip of The Bird.
Then came a big favorite of all 80s folks, Footloose. Check out Kevin Bacon, he's barely aged!

Footloose makes me think of a warm June day in 1984. It was Senior Skip Day, but for some reason some of us Juniors also skipped. We were at the Barkhamsted Reservoir laying around getting tan and playing loud music, which is what you did in high school, right? I can feel the wind as I was driving the Silver Streak, my 1978 Mercury Monarch, and my friends and I were playing the Footloose soundtrack and singing at the top of my lungs.
Any songs that bring back all of the sensations of a time and place for you?


Bobbi Jo said...

Great videos! Brought back dancing days for me. One of my favorites from the early 80's was the Vapors - Turning Japanese! Great times out dancing with friends to that one. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

imjacobsmom said...

That was a fun blast from the past. You know that Prince and Morris Day got their beginnings, right here at First Avenue in Mpls! ~ Robyn

Bingo said...

What a great post, Elizabeth. Senior year in 1984...what a baby you are, child! I would have to be doing something between Joplin PIECE OF MY HEART and THE BEATLES every song!...but hey, would this not make a great meme? Is there one? Can we start one? I have an idea for it if you give me the OK???? let me know...I'm over at BOOKIN' WITH BINGO....Karen

Buttercup said...

I grew up in Hartford and knew Barkhamstead well. We actually lived on Route 44 at one time.

Ree said...

Oh yes. Anything by The Moody Blues. 1981 - my first date of the summer after graduation with a new guy - who left the next morning for 6 weeks of Basic Training (he was ROTC).