Friday, June 19, 2009

Patriotic Decor for Summer

A few weeks ago I showed everyone the very cute USA banner I made that is available in my etsy shop, Little Somethings.I have one on my own mantle, and sent another off for Heidi Ann's Very Vintage Fourth of July swap. One of the coolest things about this garland is the pearly white cardstock that I used for the letters and flag stripes. I won it from CutCardStock a few months ago, in a great sample pack of many of their products. Not only did they send me different kinds of cardstock, they sent smaller, bookmark-sized samples that were labeled with the weight, color name, and type of cardstock, to make my future orders easier. I've been using the great oversized kraft envelopes for mailing items that are purchased from my shop because they are so sturdy and unique at the same time. Giveaways like this are great for those selling online, because I am now a CutCardStock customer for life, after having used their excellent papers, which I would never have heard of without the giveaway on a crafter's blog.
I like to change out my decorations seasonally, so I do the red, white, and blue Memorial Day through Labor Day, then switch to autumn harvest decor. As we are always reading in our home decorating magazines, one easy way to change the look of a room is with throw pillows, like this idea shown here from Better Homes and Gardens.
These flag pillows are very easy to make with a graphic from your word processing program and some fabric transfer material ironed on to plain pillows.Another simple project is a small rug that can go in your entry, in front of a fireplace, or hung on the wall. Growing up we had a rug my mother made that was similar to this in the family room. The instructions to make this rag-wool star rug are easy, and even simpler is to use a yarn hook and some rug base and draw your own design. It could be a family project with everyone putting on some yarn.If you are handier with tools than I am, you might want to try making this awesome tin flag. I love tin, but I usually buy these things, although everyone tells me how easy they are to make. Better Homes and Gardens has step-by-step instructions that make it seem simple, so I may give it a try this year.
How do you decorate in the summer? Patriotic? Tropical? Where do you get your ideas for decorating and crafts?


Sue said...

I love your banner and thanks for all the great ideas. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth ~
I am so excited about our new home because it has a great deck and landscaped areas for fun garden decor.

In June, I stick with florals/watering cans. In July, I scoot into patriotic-watermelon-picnic decor. In August, I love sunflowers!

I am going to send you the virtul tour of our new home. You'll see what I mean about a great outdoor environment for 'going all out'!


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I love my banner too. I will be hanging it for the 4th of July and remember who made it for me. There will never be a prettier one than yours. Thanks again for making it available in your shop, sweet friend. xxoo

Mrs. B. Silly said...

Your banner is very cute and I love the patriotic decor. I'm going to have to find some way to incorporate it into my french country.

debbie said...

Dear Elizabeth,
this is a darling banner. You are very talented.
I would love to extend an invitation for you to visit my blog.
how are your eyes doing after your cataract surgery

Jesmi said...

I love your banner and thanks for all the great ideas. Thanks again for making it available in your shop.