Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sweet Caroline

Several of my former colleagues are now retired and we get together frequently for a breakfast club. They graciously allow me to join them even though I am not retired. This week we also went to a historical performance at the local library. Once a month they have a Retirees' Performance. Sometimes its a lecture or a band, and this week it was a woman who performs in the persona of Caroline Ingalls, mother of Laura Ingalls Wilder. She was very funny, and played the role the way I would imagine Ma. She told stories from the books from Caroline's point of view and made it all very vivid. While she talked she walked around the room and spun yarn! She'd stop and ask us questions, and she kept acting like she had just dropped in to our "temperance meeting" to get out of the rain. I was very surprised by how many people had never read the Little House books and didn't know the stories she was telling, but then I realized that all of these ladies would have been in college or older when the books were first published. Whoops! I was the only one there young enough to have read them as a child. I got my picture with her just for you folks! If you've been reading this blog for a while you can see that my Prednisone face swelling has gone down. The weird lines on my face are the oxygen tubes.

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Jill said...

The little house books are great and so were all of the shows.!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I loved those stories. Made me want to live that kind of life. You look great, sweet girl. Glad you had a good time. xxoo

E and K Rausch said...

Happy Tuesday.....I came from SITS. I LOVE to watch little house. I am not much of a reader!

Smilingsal said...

I'm in the DUH group; I've never read them, and I am older.

Heidi Pocketbook said...

I can't imagine *not* reading the Little House books. LIW is one of my favorite all time authors. How cool is it that you got to attend something like this!

I've been to her home in Mansfield, MO twice and it's such a comfortable place and interesting to see how she lived and the special things like Pa's violin.

Prednisone is a miracle drug--I've been on it before due to my allergies and asthma. It bloats me, and turns me into a cleaning maniac.

Charli and me said...

What a fun time you must have had! I get together for lunch once a month with retired nurses from the hospital I used to work at. There are 63 of us now. We have such a great time. I hope you have a lovely day!

Raggedy Girl said...

I had once thought of joining a Chautauqua group and doing Laura Ingalls. It was at time when she was all I read or read about and my head was filled with stories but now the years have gone and my head went with them. I would have loved to have been there.

Have a Terrific Tuesday
from Roberta Anne

char72 said...

I have loved these books since our 4th grade teacher read them to us back in about 1945 or 46. I was a little disappointed when the TV series came out although I loved watching it. They changed Ma's name to Carolyn. In the books I remember it being Caroline. Also I thought they should follow the stories in the books but realized that wasn't practical. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

I've been trying to figure out how to put the Sticky Post at the top of the posts to stay there. I thought there was something on the page where you write new posts but I can't find it. I know I've done it in the past but now I can't. My Hubby is participating in the Book Carnival and wanted to put his post as a Sticky Note. He can't figure it out either.


Dorte H said...

How cute Mrs Ingalls is :)
I loved the Laura series, and my youngest daughter was almost besotted with it when she was a child.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I so love the Little House series. I actually started reading the series to my eldest girl when she was about 5 and by the last books, she was reading them on her own. We love Little House!
You must have had such a grand time!!! Glad the swelling has/is going down. How have you been otherwise? Hugs.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

What fun! I have never heard of such a performance, but I am sure that I would enjoy it.

I LOVED the Little House on the Prarie books as a young girl. Remember how you could buy them in box sets? Such a great memory.

Thanks for making me smile today.


Kitten said...

I must confess, I didn't read the Little House books till I was 31 years old--that was two years ago--and I fell in love with them! I bought the original paperbacks too, the ones with the yellow covers and the Garth Williams illustrations. Oh, how I wish I could have seen that performance!

HiHo said...

I'm visiting on Pink Saturday...found this post so much fun. My favorite show of all time...my age is showing. What a treat to meet MA!
Happy Pink, Heidi