Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blog Goals

In a year-long effort to improve my blog, I've set some goals for myself, and I'm participating in the Blog Improvement Project, hosted by Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness.

  • Select a new blog design that shows more of my personality.
  • Include relevant links in posts.
  • Work on content that will encourage comments and return visitors.
  • Host some giveaways. The first will be in 2 weeks, through One World One Heart. You might want to participate, too!
  • Investigate ways to make money through my blog, without losing its current personality/charm.
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Do you have any suggestions for future post topics? Things I may have touched upon but you want to know more?


Bridget said...

Those sound like great goals. I look forward to seeing them come to fruition.

Happy To Be said...

Sounds great..but I find it hard to post daily...as life gets in the way..I do the PINK Saturday,Blue Monday and now Vintage Thurday...and that hard to just get back to every one comments so to do doing it daily?? the most I have ever posted is 4 times in one week..and all I did was sit at my desk and answer comments...I love blogging but also love to keep my house clean..I don't know how some of these gals that have over 200 folowers do it..my hats off to them...hugs and smiles Gloria

Justine said...

Actually, I'd like to see less weekly memes and more original posts. But that's just me!

Justine :o )

Smilingsal said...

I have found that I post every day, the memes help guide. Otherwise, some just ramble, and rambling is boring. So I say this sounds like a plan!

I think that the best way to GET comments, is to leave comments. You are a faithful commenter, and I wouldn't miss a day coming to visit.

Ma'dame French said...

I want to blogging full time and getting paid for it can we find that anywhere (lol) French;)

Ma'dame French said...

I would love to quit my job and be able to get paid to do this... that's what I was referring to;) Maybe one day;) Hugs French;)

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

I agree with those above who said it's impossible to post daily. I can't because of full~time work.

On nights when I absolutely refuse to fold clothes, or dust or vacuum one more thing, etc., I can sit on couch with laptop and visit blogs and comment. But it takes concentration ~ and time with Hubby Man is so short anyway. Alas ~ it's hard.

How about a few posts/articles having to do with ORGANIZATION!!?? and TIME MANAGEMENT?? and SETTING PRIORITIES.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I think you do a great job at posting. Everytime I come here I learn something new. I always did say you do a lot of research that I wouldn't have time to do myself. I appreciate everything you share with us. xxoo

Helen said...

I am so glad you came to visit me and I feel honored to know you ... I will be back.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Thank you for your response in how I am going to improve upon my blog to better suit my life. :)

Dorte H said...

Hi Elizabeth.
As a first-time visitor I don´t know if the layout I see is new. I hope so because your banner, colours & pictures are so charming and personal in my eyes. A truly aesthetic and appealing sight!.

A hug to you from Denmark - fight that cancer monster, will you!

grayskyeyes said...

Those sound like good goals. I like the idea of trying to add more links to posts, that's always cool.

Thanks for participating in the BIP, and sorry it took me so long to get over here!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)