Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What is an Evil Overlord?

About a year ago I took an online survey based on the more complicated Meyers-Briggs Personality Index. This test is often used to help determine possible career choices and to help co-workers understand their relationships. My profile came out as ENTJ: Extraverted Thinking/iNtroverted Intuition/ExTraverted Sensing, my weakness, Introverted Feeling.
The one word name for this personality type, held by 1-2% of the population, is The Executive. An Executive, as we know, is organized, a leader, outspoken, and often considered bossy. On a funny parody site, this type is called The Evil Overlord.The friends with whom I took the test thought this was absolutely hysterical, and true, since I'm very opinionated, and the name has stuck. So I thought it was a funny name for a blog.

If you'd like to try the Jung Typology Survey, it takes about 15 minutes and is all Yes/No questions. Be honest. I've taken this test 5 times and it always gives me the same rating. I even compared it to the full test I took in college and it was the same.

Some famous ENTJs include:

Beatrice Arthur
Les Aspen, former U.S. Secretary of Defense

Candace Bergen

Julius Caesar
Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State

Sean Connery

Howard Cosell

Elizabeth I, Queen of England
Harrison Ford

Whoopi Goldberg

Al Gore, U.S. Vice President

Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister

Richard M. Nixon

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Laurie R. King

I just started Laurie R. King's newest book, Touchstone. It is not part of her Sherlock Holmes/Mary Russell series. I am on page 85 and it is VERY slow to get into. We are still being introduced to characters and their backstories! Now that I think back on it, I enjoy the SH series and the series about Kate Martinelli, the detective in San Francisco, but her independent books are very slow for me. I wonder if I found the first books in the series slow when I first read them? I recall thinking they were very strong on details....
It's interesting to write what I think about books, because it makes me think more about what I am reading. Usually I read a book and move on, forgetting the title and most of the plot. I feel like I am keeping a reading journal for a college class or something! Maybe I should be a blogger about books...that would make me a real Internet geek!

6 days later...I am still reading Touchstone; that's 5 days on the same book, I never take that long! I think it's because I can't skip anything. There's no sex or bad language or descriptions of landscape to jump through! There's TONS of character development and back story. I definitely like it and find it interesting, but I read the ending already, so I'm not motivated to read, read, read and find out what happens. I read the ending when I thought I was going to stop reading the book, but it's all I had with me this weekend.

Touchstone is actually very interesting, all about the labor strikes in the US and England during the 20s and the tug of war between the unions, the government, and the "subversive" groups like Socialists and Communists. It's also got a little romance and elegance about the lives of the English aristocracy and of course there is the mystery of "who is the bomber?"