Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Everyone's Back to School

As of today, I believe everyone I know across the country is back to school. Homeschooling, pre-school, public, and private. Teachers, parents, and students. Everyone except me, and my friends who are retired teachers. Which is why we have the Thursday breakfast club! Every few weeks we meet and catch up. We talk about grandchildren and the things others are doing as far as volunteering or part time jobs, home improvement, etc. It's very fun for me when I get the Senior discount on my meal along with everyone else!
In honor of the first week of school, I thought I'd share some school related photos of myself as a student and as a teacher. Be sure to enjoy the changing hairstyles!
My sixth grade school picture, 1979. It was the first time I got to wear hoop earrings; my ears had only been pierced for a few months. Remember the mandarin collared shirts? I keep this photo in my classroom for students to see, since I teach sixth grade now. 1981, Connecticut State Math Fair. My dad and I made this huge hinged plywood display board and stapled fabric to it. If you're interested, you can go down his basement and see the real thing, since it's still there! Please notice my chenille top and bangle wrist watch.First day of school & first day as a teacher, 1989! I'm on the left w/ Deb, Gayle, and Martha. Kari took the picture. We attended the same college but didn't know each other very well. We all moved to Houston from MA because there were many more opportunities for teachers there than in New England. It was a great adventure and we became a little family. Only Gayle is still in the Houston area. Behind us is my schoolhouse clock that I cross stitched.
My first year teaching, 1989, my family came to visit for Thanksgiving and spent the day with me in my classroom. My mom took this shot of me explaining something, but it seems Nils, the student to the left, stole the show. Can you believe I still remember his name!? Do you like my fashionable door-knocker earrings?
So what's going on for your first week of school? Are you teaching? Have you sent your first baby off into the world? Are you enjoying a spa day just for yourself? Even if you don't have children or work in education, how does the first week of school effect your daily life? Different traffic and grocery store patterns?


Smilingsal said...

I do remember earrings like those; I have some! I love the expression on your face; the love of the classroom shows through.

I've been retired for a year now, and I miss my classroom. You and I began almost at the same time. I started teaching in 1990, although I worked before that as a school secretary from 1974.

I love school. I loved going, and I loved teaching!

Now, can I come to the Thursday
Breakfast Club? Please send me directions. :~)


I booted my kids out the door, er I mean sent them back to school, on 8/18. It was a great summer but it was time for them to get back to reality. lol

Ronda's Rants said...

My grandchildren are too young for school and this is the first year I am not teaching High School Sunday School so....The new school year hasn't affected me much. I work from home so...no traffic issues. But, my daughter has started her first year teaching and it has been a joy to listen to her excitement as she recounts her day to me!

Justine said...

Ooh, I loved looking at all these pictures! So, your hair wasn't always curly, huh? That's pretty neat!

School started up here a week or so ago and so far the girls are loving it! For me, little changes. I get them on the bus, then go back to bed!

Justine :o )

Julie said...

Hi, Elizabeth. Did you receive my notification that you had won a dotty giveaway? I haven't heard back from you and wanted to double-check. You can contact me at onthedotcreations@yahoo.com


Jewelgirl said...

Oh you are so brave... putting up
the teacher pics....so far things
are okay, the dau is not saying much.

Grandma Faith said...

This is an awesome post. It brings back so many memories for me.