Monday, July 28, 2008

SImple Woman's Daybook: July 28

I am participating in the Simple Woman's Daybook, sponsored by Peggy at The Simple Woman. It is a great way to start off the week! Stop by Peggy's blog to see who else is participating and read their entries, then think about joining us next week!
July 28, 2008
Outside my window is a dead lawn with crab grass and dirt patches. Because I live in a condo, we have a lawn service. I use the term lightly, since there is no lawn to service! Why aren't we planing a new lawn or stopping the service? HMMM...Maybe this is what I am wondering, also!
I am thinking that I am getting WAY too used to not going to a job each day! I'm starting to enjoy it again!
I am wondering why so many young men think that the straggly caterpillar over their top lip looks manly! It skeeves me out!
I am creating, sort of! Really, I am finally getting some decorating done! Since I can't do anything myself, I have a handyman who comes and does the manly things that a husband would do, if I had one. The great thing about a handyman is that he actually DOES the chore and it's done the way I want it! No arguing or "Honey Do" list! Once everything is done I'll post some pictures for you!
I am going to the doctor on Tuesday. Like I do every other Tuesday. BO-ring!
I hope that more people will sign up to host a Christmas in July Giveaway through A Lovely Thing.
I am thankful that so many blog friends stopped by my Beach Party last Friday!Thanks for showing the bloggy love with your comments!
One of my favorite things are sour drinks! I love
Newman's Lemon-Aided Iced Tea, and Nantucket Nectar's Half & Half! They used to make a cranberry-lemonade that was my sour drink favorite.
I am reading The Beach House by Jane Green.
In the kitchen I have been making lots of salads with fresh local produce! Isn't this a great time of year?

Here is my picture thought for you!
2 Good Buddies, Bo & Murphy, visiting at my house! I wonder whose chair they have appropriated!!


wfbdoglover said...

Can you get rid of the lawn service? You should have that handy man of yours pull out the crab grass, and add fresh seed (not now too hot) and keep the cut at the highest level of the lawn mower. Water 10 mins once a week, until it is long enough that it will stay green in the heat. (thus the reason for the longer cut)

Justine said...

Liz, I shrunk down the left sidebar. Does that make a difference to you, or is the the whole outter wrapper I'd have to change?

Justine :o )

Justine said...

Hey Elizabeth, how did your test results come out last week? You never updated us!

Justine :o )

Justine said...

Did MORE adjusting, hoping to make it more pleasurable for you to come by. Let me know if this helps the scrolling back and forth. I don't think I can make the outer wrapper any smaller than this.

Justine :o )

quitecontrary1977 said...

i love hearing about your day to day life. and your dogs look so cuddly!

sea mystery said...

Bo and Murphy? So cute! I could get lost in that lovely fur they have just cuddling and petting them. Thanks for sharing their picture. xxoo

lisaschaos said...

Every other Tuesday? That does not sound fun! I went yesterday too. :)

LOVE that picture of the sweet pups!

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Looks like you had a real week. I'm with you on the scraggly catepillars!

Anonymous said...

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