Thursday, May 15, 2008

What is Art?

A friend recently asked a group of us, "What is art?" That is such a big question! IMHO art is creating something new that touches someone else emotionally. It may be music, clothing, sculpture, jewelry, movable, stationary, a functional object or decorative alone. Many people say if a creator uses a pattern or works with something originally created by someone else, it is then a craft. What if you make your own patterns? If you silk screen? If you take gears, pipes, and other detritus of life and design an amazing garden sculpture?
This little sculpture by rymcwilliams is interesting to think about. Using found materials, paint, and what appears to be clay for the head, he has created a kind of goth little creature that he is calling Insect god. As a middle school teacher, I can say that this would really appeal to many young people! And for some reason it really appeals to me!
iamikanart has created this totally original painting and then covered it with resin and epoxy to create a surreal, floating effect, that really cannot be captured well in a picture. Is this more art than Insectgod? I love the reflection of what I see as a sunset over water, but it could be a fire, or something else to a different person. Whether they are art or not, I would definitely put both of these pieces in a collection if I were some type of a collector of artistry. They both speak to me somehow.

I am in no way an artist, but one of my good friends says I have an "eye" for putting things together. This makes me good at scrapbooking, putting up bulletin boards, making PowerPoint shows, etc. I can't draw ANYTHING that anyone would recognize, and that's OK. I try to do something creative several times a week, and when I am given a pattern or idea, I always tweak it in some way to make it "mine". I like to make jewelry, but I don't make my own beads. So is stringing a bunch of hand-made beads together art?
One of my recent creative endeavors has been learning to use Photoshop in more ways. It has great filters and effects where the user just has to click a button to change the photograph in some way. It also has artistic elements where the user can draw things in, make smudges, "pour" paint into certain areas, etc. This is a stock photo of a yellow Lamborghini to which I applied several filters and then painted, swirled, burned, and smudged in the background. I made it for my nephew who loves cars.
I don't know if the things I make are "art". I know that I like them, my friends and family like them, the process of creating brightens my day, and the things I make brighten the days of myself and others. I hope to share more of my creative endeavors with you in the future.

To answer my friend Rhonda's question, I don't really know what art is, but there's that famous quote, "I know what I like!" And I definitely like her artwork, which is beautifully framed and displayed in this home!


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Awesome posting, Elizabeth! I really enjoyed it! Terrie

Picket said...

Hello girl...thanks for coming by..I put the clocks all through out the house...I have alot of bigger ones also! lol You did amazing on that car picture..I think art is a very personal thing because a picture or object speaks to everyone in a different way..But if it calls you then you better answer!! lol lol Have a great weekend friend!

Izzycafe said...

Hey there Elizabeth, I am loving the blog, and flattered you used a picture of mine in your last entry. That's pretty darn awesome. I have to say I enjoy hearing your point of view, it stops and makes a person pause, which is always a good thing. :)